Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression

At Alarm and Suppression we know running any food operation efficiently and profitably is a never-ending job. Let Alarm and Suppression take the weight off your shoulders by providing you with the best in the industry – installation and service of all of your kitchen hood, fire suppression system needs.

Our factory-trained Ansul and Denlar technicians perform a full safety analysis to ensure your system is properly installed and functioning to the manufacturers’ specification, as well as to meet local code standards. With Alarm and Suppression you can rest at ease knowing that your system will receive its bi-annual inspection seamlessly scheduled as to not interfere with your day to day operations.

Our inspection reports are a top down analysis of your system to include 100% compliance, or Identify any deficiencies and or recommendations required to bring your system back to fully operational mode at the conclusion of our inspection.

Deficiency problem? No problem. Alarm and Suppressions professional team of technicians cary with them all of the tools and parts necessary to get you back up and running so your business stays safe, and does not suffer. 

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Featured Products: 

  • Fire AlarmControl Panels
  • Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology
  • Fire Alarm Peripherals
  • ONYXWorks Integrated Systems
  • Emergency & Mass Communications Systems
  • SWIFT: The Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology

Engineering Services  

Altus’ Engineering Department provides technical, engineering, surveying, and hands-on support.  

  • Site surveys, generating floor plans.
  • Key design-built projects.
  • Special attention, design and study on matters such as early detection, sensitive environments, land marks.

Projects range from a new fire alarm system to upgrading an existing system to adhere to the state code. The team collaborates with coworkers to ensure the success of a project. Effective communication plays a role between our CAD department, engineers, customers, and businesses. Other engineer responsibilities include:

  • Following contract drawings, and giving input if needed on new voice or non-voice systems.
  • Designing and surveying existing buildings for upgrading to an local government code-compliant job.
  • Staying up to date on all state government code changes and updates.
  • Submitting drawings, calculations, documentation, and taking all the steps required to get the job filed and approved by DOB and State and local Fire Departments.

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