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Altus Fire & Life Safety is a full line authorized fire extinguisher dealer who sells and services all types of fire extinguishers. We offer everything from 2.5, 5, and 10 lbs extinguishers to specialty units including industrial wheeled units, MRI non-magnetic clean agent extinguishers, heavy-duty vehicle extinguishers, and marine/watercraft fire extinguishers.

In addition to selling traditional and specialty units, we offer a comprehensive suite of fire extinguisher services to our customers, including inspection, testing, installation, and maintenance. These services form a significant part of our commitment to safety and quality. Our extensive reporting and scheduling system ensures thorough inspection reports and on-time inspections. Leave it to us to call you and schedule your annual inspection a month ahead of time, or choose our ‘automatic service,’ leaving you stress-free and confident that we will show up automatically.


Fire extinguisher inspection is a critical component in maintaining safety and compliance within any facility. Regular inspections ensure that fire extinguishers are in optimal working condition and ready to use in the event of an emergency. The process involves a thorough examination of the extinguisher’s physical condition, pressure levels, weight, and accessibility. It also includes checking the seals, hoses, and operational mechanisms for any signs of wear or damage. Failure to conduct regular inspections can lead to malfunctions during a fire, risking lives and property. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards mandate periodic inspections.

Customers continue to choose Altus Fire & Life Safety for fire extinguisher inspections because of our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our certified technicians follow stringent guidelines and use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct inspections, ensuring that each extinguisher meets all regulatory requirements. Altus’s comprehensive reporting system provides detailed inspection reports, and our proactive scheduling ensures timely inspections without any hassle. The trust we’ve built through years of dedicated service, coupled with our expertise in the field, makes Altus Fire & Life Safety the preferred choice for fire extinguisher inspection services.


Fire extinguisher testing is an indispensable part of fire safety management. This process involves pressure testing, discharge testing, and internal examination to assess the extinguisher’s overall functionality and integrity. Fire extinguisher testing ensures that there are no hidden defects or weaknesses that could cause failure when the extinguisher is needed most. Regular testing is not only a legal requirement in many jurisdictions but also a vital practice that can save lives and property by guaranteeing that fire extinguishers are in perfect working order.


Fire extinguisher installation is a specialized service that requires careful planning, expert knowledge, and adherence to local regulations. Altus Fire & Life Safety offers a comprehensive installation service that begins with a detailed assessment of the facility’s layout and specific fire risks. Our experienced technicians then select the appropriate types and sizes of extinguishers, considering factors such as occupancy type, potential fire hazards, and accessibility. The installation process itself is carried out with precision, ensuring that extinguishers are mounted at the correct height and location, with clear signage and unobstructed access. Altus’s commitment to quality extends to using only top-grade mounting hardware and following best practices in alignment with regulatory standards.


Fire extinguisher maintenance is also a critical aspect of fire safety, ensuring that extinguishers remain operational and effective throughout their lifespan. This ongoing process involves regular checks, cleaning, parts replacement, and recharging as needed. Altus Fire & Life Safety’s maintenance program is designed to provide peace of mind, with certified technicians conducting a thorough examination of each extinguisher’s mechanical parts, extinguishing agent, and overall condition.

Our process aligns with national standards and includes detailed record-keeping, timely reminders for scheduled maintenance, and prompt attention to any issues identified. Altus also offers emergency maintenance services to address urgent needs. By prioritizing regular maintenance with our team, you’re are investing in the continuous reliability of fire extinguishers, safeguarding property and occupants, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Our commitment to excellence in maintenance sets Altus apart as a trusted partner in fire safety.


Altus Fire & Life Safety is proud to offer comprehensive fire extinguisher services across various states in the Northeast region of the United States. With a strong presence in New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, Altus is strategically positioned to provide prompt and efficient services tailored to the specific needs of each area. Our commitment to accessibility and local expertise ensures that whether you’re in the bustling streets of New York City or the historic towns of Massachusetts, Altus is your trusted partner in fire safety. Our extensive network across these states reflects our dedication to safeguarding communities and businesses throughout the Northeast.


A fire extinguisher service encompasses a range of activities aimed at ensuring that fire extinguishers are always ready to operate effectively in an emergency. This includes regular inspection to check the physical condition, testing to verify functionality, installation in accordance with safety regulations, and ongoing maintenance to replace worn parts and recharge the extinguishing agent. Altus Fire & Life Safety offers comprehensive fire extinguisher services, carried out by certified professionals, to ensure that your extinguishers are in optimal condition, compliant with legal requirements, and ready to protect lives and property.

A fire extinguisher typically requires an annual service to ensure it is functioning correctly and complies with safety regulations. This service includes a thorough inspection and may also involve maintenance or recharging, depending on the extinguisher's condition. Some local jurisdictions or specific environments may require more frequent servicing. Altus Fire & Life Safety offers scheduled fire extinguisher services, including inspections and maintenance, to meet these requirements and ensure that your extinguishers are always ready for use.

A fire extinguisher inspection typically entails a thorough examination to ensure that the extinguisher is in proper working condition and ready for use in an emergency. The process includes checking the physical condition of the extinguisher for any visible signs of damage or wear, verifying that the pressure gauge is in the correct range, ensuring that the pin and tamper seal are intact, and confirming that the extinguisher is accessible and properly mounted. Labels and operating instructions should be legible and facing outward. The inspection may also involve checking the weight of the extinguisher to ensure that it hasn't lost any extinguishing agent. Altus Fire & Life Safety offers professional inspections that include detailed record-keeping, noting the date of inspection and any maintenance performed or required. Regular inspections are vital for compliance with safety regulations and for ensuring that fire extinguishers are ready to operate effectively when needed.

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