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In the face of an emergency, the preparedness of a building’s occupants can be the defining factor between chaos and orderly safety. Altus firmly believes in the critical role that drills and training play in fostering a culture of readiness and resilience. Our meticulously designed programs aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to various emergency scenarios. By simulating potential risks within a controlled environment, we allow occupants to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of their building, thereby reducing panic and confusion during real emergencies. These drills serve as a cornerstone in safeguarding lives, minimizing property damage, and ensuring a swift and coordinated response when every second counts.

We also recognize the importance of continuous education in enhancing the safety protocols of a building. Our training sessions dive deep into the potential risks that might be encountered, offering insights into the best practices to mitigate these risks effectively.

From understanding the optimal evacuation routes to learning the usage of fire safety equipment, our training encompasses a broad spectrum of emergency preparedness aspects. By utilizing a proactive approach to safety, we aid in building a community of individuals who are not only aware of the potential dangers but are also equipped with the knowledge to respond promptly and efficiently, thereby playing a pivotal role in safeguarding their environment.


Altus offers a wide range of fire and life safety drills to help prepare for emergency scenarios and give property ownership, management and building occupants peace of mind. Our services include fire drills, full building evacuation drills, in-building relocation drills, shelter-in-place drills, stairwell familiarization drills and emergency preparedness drills.

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Ongoing training and exercises are key to ensuring that a building’s occupants understand the intricacies of their respective building and feel prepared in an emergency. Altus offers training programs in areas including active shooter response, emergency preparedness, evacuation procedures, fire safety plan procedures, fire extinguishers, occupant / resident safety and tabletop exercises.

Fire Drills & Emergency Training Services currently provided in these states:

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“As the industry experts, Altus Fire & Life Safety provides drills, training and in-depth industry compliant Emergency Action Plans to buildings within my portfolio.

Scenarios such as the Times Square Bomber, the events at the Boston Marathon, the 1993 World Trade Center attack, and the active shooter outside the Empire State Building, evidence the possibility that terror threats can happen anywhere at any time, especially in a large metropolitan area like New York City.

Altus services enable my staff to be trained, ready and capable to provide rapid response, execute and enact the building’s Emergency Action Plan documents. Altus has proven to be most qualified to produce these services by providing consistent quality of services.

They are also always equipped to answer my questions, being able to assist and advise accordingly. We’re better off today than we were without them.”

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Altus Client

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