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When the unexpected happens, you want to know that your backup systems will work.  Having emergency lighting, exit signs, and generators at the ready is crucial. During the service of your equipment, Altus will adhere to the requirements of NFPA 101 and NFPA 110. We’ll take care of the necessary routine maintenance so you don’t have to worry about an emergency.

Learn more about our Life Safety systems and service options and why Altus is recognized as being the premier platform for businesses located near you throughout the Northeastern region of the US.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting systems play a crucial role in life safety, providing illumination that guides occupants to safety during an emergency. These systems are vital in situations where the normal electrical supply is cut off, such as during a power failure or a fire.

Exit Signage

Clear and functional exit signs are essential for guiding occupants to safety during an emergency. They mark the pathways to exits and provide vital information that helps prevent confusion and panic. Without properly marked and illuminated exit signs, evacuating a building can become chaotic and dangerous, particularly in unfamiliar or complex environments.

Leveraging years of experience and cutting-edge technology, Altus’s expertise in installing and maintaining emergency lighting and exit signage guarantees that these critical systems operate seamlessly when needed, providing guidance and peace of mind in emergency situations.

Generator Services

Selecting the right generator and ensuring professional installation is vital for maintaining power during an outage. Generators provide backup power for essential systems such as emergency lighting, fire alarms, and medical equipment. Altus assists in choosing the appropriate generator for each facility’s needs and ensures that it is installed correctly, providing reliable power when needed.

Regular testing and maintenance are also essential to ensure that generators are ready to perform during a power failure. Altus provides scheduled testing to simulate power outages and verify generator functionality. Our maintenance schedules include inspections, servicing, and repairs, ensuring that generators remain reliable and compliant with all relevant standards.

Fire and Safety Compliance

Regular inspections are essential for ensuring compliance with NFPA and other fire safety standards. Altus conducts thorough inspections of all fire and life safety systems, verifying that they meet code requirements and identifying any issues that need to be addressed. These inspections contribute to overall safety and legal compliance.

Proper documentation, including record-keeping and reporting, is vital for legal compliance. Altus provides detailed reports and maintains records of all inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs. This documentation demonstrates compliance with relevant laws and standards and provides a valuable resource for facility management.

Training staff on safety protocols is a key component of a comprehensive safety program. Altus offers training programs that educate staff on emergency procedures, the use of fire extinguishers, evacuation protocols, and more. This training enhances awareness and preparedness, contributing to a safer environment.

Customized Life Safety Solutions

Every industry and facility has unique needs and risks, requiring tailored life safety solutions. Altus specializes in customizing services to meet the specific requirements of different industries, whether it’s healthcare, education, manufacturing, or others. By understanding the unique characteristics and challenges of each environment, Altus provides solutions that are precisely aligned with our client’s needs, enhancing safety and compliance. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

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