Fire & Smoke Dampers

While the fire damper, smoke damper, and combination fire smoke damper are hidden from view, they play a vital role in passive fire protection. By preventing fire and smoke from spreading through ductwork, fire and smoke dampers prevent fire and smoke from spreading. A fire damper inspection and test is needed every four years for most buildings and every six years for healthcare facilities.

Fire and Smoke Damper Services

Do you know where your building’s fire dampers are located? At Altus, we have NICET-certified technicians who can conduct a full inventory review. They locate and record the locations of fire dampers throughout any kind of facility. Facilities managers can use this information to identify where their fire dampers are located and expedite fire damper inspections.

To make sure that the fire dampers function as intended, our technicians take before and after pictures during testing. In addition to providing our customers with a comprehensive fire damper analysis report, we also note all the important information about the devices. Whether you need testing, inspection, or maintenance for fire dampers, Altus keeps you on top of JCAHO and NFPA requirements.

Altus’s fire damper inspection and testing includes:

  • Survey of existing dampers
  • Labeling devices
  • Replacing links
  • Cleaning and lubricating tracks
  • Obstruction analysis

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