Fire Evacuation & Emergency Action Plans

In the ever-evolving landscape of safety and security, having a well-articulated and comprehensive evacuation plan is not just a statutory requirement but a moral obligation towards the occupants of a building. Altus offers bespoke solutions that cater to the unique needs of every establishment. Our expertise in crafting meticulous Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans, as well as Emergency Action Plans, promise a structured and swift response in the face of emergencies.

At Altus, we believe that the cornerstone of safety lies in anticipation and preparation. Our team of seasoned experts, with a rich background in both the public and private sectors, are adept at foreseeing potential risks and crafting strategies to mitigate them effectively. By aligning our plans with the latest regulations and incorporating insights from real-world scenarios, we ensure that our clients are not just compliant but are also equipped with a robust framework to safeguard their interests and those of their occupants.

Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans

In the event of a fire emergency, every second counts. Altus specializes in developing Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans that are both comprehensive and easy to implement. These plans delineate the quickest and safest evacuation routes, assembly points, and protocols to ensure a coordinated and orderly evacuation. Our plans are tailored to cater to the specific nuances of your building, taking into consideration factors such as building layout, occupancy type, and existing safety installations. Through regular updates and revisions, we ensure that our plans remain aligned with the changing dynamics of the building and its surroundings, offering a resilient shield against potential fire emergencies.

Emergency Action Plans (Non-Fire Emergencies)

Being prepared for non-fire emergencies is not just a precaution, but a necessity. Altus stands at the forefront in developing comprehensive Emergency Action Plans that outline clear, actionable protocols for a range of non-fire emergencies, including but not limited to explosions, biological, chemical, or nuclear incidents, natural disasters, and situations involving bomb threats or suspicious packages. These plans are meticulously crafted to facilitate a systematic, safe, and orderly response, whether it involves evacuating the building or sheltering in place, thereby ensuring the well-being of building occupants.

Our Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) aim to minimize evacuation time, directing individuals to a safe area or guiding them to the nearest secure means of egress. Additionally, the plans detail the utilization of available fire appliances, including the activation of alarms, to safeguard human life. 

Altus is committed to nurturing a culture of safety and preparedness through continuous education programs for all building occupants. This initiative ensures the prompt reporting of emergency conditions, a swift response to alarms and notifications, and the immediate initiation of safety procedures to protect life and contain potential hazards until the arrival of responding authorities. These plans are complemented by a site-specific Building Information Card (BIC), a vital tool that encapsulates essential details to facilitate coordinated emergency responses.

Depending on local jurisdiction preferences or requirements, Emergency Action Plan documents may be integrated with a building’s Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan, creating a unified strategy that addresses a broad spectrum of emergency scenarios. By choosing Altus, you are opting for a partner who not only prioritizes the safety and well-being of your establishment’s occupants but also offers plans grounded in real-world insights and expertise, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Risk Management Solutions

Risk management is a pillar of operational resilience. Altus is a recognized leader in this domain, bringing to the table a team of business continuity and US Homeland Security certified specialists who excel in developing comprehensive emergency response and crisis management plans. Our approach is holistic, encompassing not just reactive strategies but also proactive measures to prevent the occurrence of emergencies.

Through meticulous analysis and assessment, we identify potential vulnerabilities and craft strategies to fortify against them. Our programs are not static; they evolve, adapting to the changing risk landscape and incorporating learnings from real-world scenarios. Moreover, we offer a range of exercises and drills to test and fine-tune these plans, ensuring a state of readiness at all times.

Our risk management services extend to business continuity planning, helping organizations to maintain operations in the face of disruptions. By identifying critical business functions and crafting strategies to safeguard them, we ensure that organizations can bounce back with minimal downtime. For deeper insight into our risk management programs, visit

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