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From property management to commercial and industrial settings and more, fire and life safety is a critical consideration for a wide variety of industries. Although fire protection systems and inspection and maintenance services make up only a small portion of a building’s new construction and maintenance costs, investing in the proper infrastructure could prevent major losses in the case of a potential fire. No matter the sector, Altus’s fire and life safety solutions keep clients of all kinds protected and equipped to continue operating safely.

Property Management

Property managers are responsible for overseeing large portfolios of properties, each of which must be kept up to code and equipped with the proper fire and suppression systems to ensure tenants’ safety. Test, inspection, and service of such infrastructure can sometimes be challenging as managers balance a property’s maintenance needs with tight budgets and the competing needs of other buildings under their management.


In commercial settings such as office buildings, government, and education facilities, financial institutions, and retail stores, rising population density and urbanization are resulting in increasingly stringent fire safety codes that mandate the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems. Remaining in compliance with regulatory fire codes as well as test & inspection requirements is key to mitigating the risk of fire and maintaining lower building insurance premiums. Restaurants and hospitality settings with commercial kitchens are at the highest susceptibility to fire, emphasizing the need for suppression systems and strict test & inspection practices in these environments. High-rise buildings in particular present their own unique challenges from a fire safety perspective. Multiple floors and high occupancy rates introduce the challenge of lengthier exit time and distance in the event of a fire. Evacuation strategy & planning, fire department accessibility, smoke movement, and fire control become key considerations in such an environment.


Fire safety is a critical component of managing healthcare settings such as hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities. Research has shown that the routine inspection of electrical outlets, wires, and oxygen tanks and the implementation of a fire safety plan with supporting infrastructure are all vital to keeping patients safe. Staff must also be aware of safety procedures and be trained on how to locate and use portable fire extinguishers. 


Industrial fire safety is an important part of any industrial warehouse, manufacturing facility, or utility plant’s operations. Hot work, electrical hazards (e.g., exposed wiring, overloaded outlets or circuits, and extension cords), machinery, vehicles, gases and liquids, and combustible dust are all common causes of fires and explosions in these settings. As industrial fire protection standards improve over time, the implementation of effective safety measures and systems is becoming more and more sought after.

Property Management

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