A.R.C.S. Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

A.R.C.S is an independent radio communication system for emergency situations in buildings enabling firefighters to communicate from any floor that is within the transmission range of an antenna. A.R.C. systems use two-way radio technology to enhance transmitted signals to ensure coverage throughout buildings.

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center there was a sudden realization that the FDNY needed to immediately improve their ability to communicate from a central location in each building with all firefighters working throughout the building floors.

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) were designed exactly and implemented to meet this need. As of October 1st of 2014, a new building code took effect in New York City, making it mandatory for ARC systems to be installed in all new high-rise buildings taller than 75 feet, new residential structures taller than 125 feet, and for existing high-rise buildings that replace their fire alarm systems every five years or change occupancy. It is required by the FDNY that all ARCS are tested, inspected, certified, and recertified.

ARCS basic components are:

  • Dedicated radio consoles (DRC)
  • Radio amplification units (RAU)
  • Cables
  • Antennas
  • Power supplies

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