Fire Alarm Inspections

Most Local Authorities and Fire Marshals require that fire alarm systems and their components undergo routine inspections.  Building owners and managers have the responsibility of making certain these inspections are performed at the necessary intervals and documented properly. As part of our fire alarm inspections, we aim to ensure that a system or component is working properly, in its proper location, free from physical damage, or any condition that may compromise its operation.

Having a proactive plan for fire alarm inspections is essential to catching problems early, in between, or during testing cycles. In addition to some components requiring weekly or monthly inspections, there are many that require quarterly, semiannual, or annual inspections. Based on the fire alarm system service requirements and local codes, Altus Fire & Life Safety Experts develop a service schedule for your fire alarm system. We make sure your fire alarm system and its components are inspected at the right intervals in close collaboration with you.

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